Our community

We at Foundry are blessed to  work among so many different groups of people in the "New Sports" space. We have game developers, game players, professional gamers and teams alike. We also hear from the viewers and amateur gamers that love to play watch and contribute to the community. We are fortunate to have a voice with large media companies, game publishers and game influencers. So with that being said, we take our position seriously and are lucky to have our own internal champion to garner all of this information and feedback from the different groups: Ms. Lili Russo. With (10) ten years in esports specifically developed training camps for amateurs, pros and influencers alike.  She heads up amateur gaming, industry policy, training and curriculum. Having the ability to find the nuance within each esports community to build the best overall experience that is impressive to pros and fans alike. She garners audience feedback for all Foundry activities and weaves the data into our products, events and activities. Reach her directly here on Twitter @TheTigressSC